Introducing Shree

Shree is a rapidly growing Company focused on its core business of Cement & Power. Currently its manufacturing operations are spread over North and Eastern India across six states. It is recognised as one of the most efficient and environment friendly Company in the global cement industry. The Company's high corporate governance and social performance together with consistent financial performance makes it a truly Sustainable Company.

Cement Production Capacity

27.2 million tons per annum
Multiple Locations

State Locations
Rajasthan Beawar, Ras, Khushkhera, Suratgarh and Jobner (Jaipur)
Uttarakhand Laksar (Roorkee)
Bihar Aurangabad
Haryana Panipat
Chhattisgarh Baloda Bazar
Uttar Pradesh Bulandshahr

Brand Showcase

  • Shree JungRodhak

  • Bangur

  • Rockstrong
Total Power Generation capacity:

627 MW
Includes Waste Heat Recovery Plants (WHRP) of

111 MW

(largest such capacity in the global cement industry excluding China)
  Category I Power Trading Licensee - Granted by CERC, a seperate trading division catering to third party buyers and sellers


Financial Strength

Total Turnover for FY 2015-16 (9 months)

5,567.75 crores
Operating Profit for FY 2015-16 (9 months)

1,440.37 crores
Net Profit for 2015-16 (9 months)

454.93 crores
Net worth as on 31st March, 2016

6,180.22 crores

Growing strength to strength
Growth on 10 years' horizon
Parameter UOM 2015-16 (9 months) 2005-06 (12 months) CAGR
Cement capacity MPTA 25.6 4.1 20.10%
Power capacity MW 612 42 30.72%
Gross block of fixed assets ₹ in Crore 10,212 1,391 22.06%
Turnover ₹ in Crore 5,568 695 26.73%
Operating profit ₹ in Crore 1,440 225 23.91%
Net profit ₹ in Crore 455 18 42.16%
Net worth ₹ in Crore 6,180 296 35.51%

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